Dark, angry and bewitching...
Floor pounding guitar rock with impressively female vocals
Join us on a journey from Sweet Songs of Anguish to Showdown in Flames
Red Dead Roadkill band picture

Wisdom from the cliché bible or the meaning of life?!


"When he didn't know what to do, he decided to look for a vision far away from civilization in a sweat lodge in the Australian outback..."


With Sweet Songs of Anguish, RED DEAD ROADKILL released their debut, which describes the ups and downs of our emotional rollercoaster ride through life from a very personal perspective. A confrontation with the pain, anger and frustration that was mixed and mastered by Masterplan boss and ex-Helloween guitar man Roland Grapow.


With an idiosyncratic mix of alternative and hard rock, their debut album received consistently positive ratings in the international press.


With members from Germany to Portugal to Italy, the second output Showdown in Flames has now been created, which remains true to the musical path that has been taken and at the same time continues on a new level.